The Homemade Drink That Burns Calories

Published: 06th June 2007
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Today I'm not going to talk about dieting or exercise.

Obviously diet and exercise are necessary but there are some real easy weight loss tips (that barely require any effort) that you can use to burn off extra calories.

I'm now going to share with you one of these quick weight loss tips.

This secret fat burning tip is one that most dieters don't know about. The great thing is that it's easy… real easy. Not only that, but it's a healthy weight loss tip… no dangerous diet pills, crash diets, or silly fad diets.

Here it is: I will show you how to make one simple change to regular drinking water that will force your body to burn calories when you drink it.

Would you like the details?

Great. Well if you drink an eight ounce cup of ICE COLD water, your body will burn 7.69 calories to heat the ice cold water up to body temperature.

Really interesting fact right? Well let's exploit this useful little fact for our fat loss goals.

So when you drink eight ounces of ice cold water your body burns approximately eight calories. If you drink the minimum recommended eight glasses of water a day (for health) but make sure that your water is ice cold... you will be burning an extra sixty-four calories per day by doing pretty much nothing!

You could even do this while lying in bed!

Now this was if you only drank eight cups of ice water per day. Well that sixty-four calories burned is good but you don't want just good enough right?

You are a hardcore fat burning machine right? You want every weight loss advantage you can have and you want to squeeze them for all they're worth!

Well seeing as how you're so motivated and want to really give your fat loss a boost, let's go all the way with this sneaky diet trick.

What you can attempt to do is work your way up to drinking about one gallon of ice cold water per day. One gallon comes out to about sixteen cups. Drinking sixteen cups of ice cold water will have you burning 123 extra calories per day doing almost nothing!

Over one week you will have burned 861 calories... and this is just from drinking water! To put those 861 calories into perspective, you will be burning roughly the same amount of calories as...

Doing two whole hours of jogging!

Just by adopting an ice water drinking habit, you can burn the same amount of calories as if you had added two hours of jogging to your weekly workout schedule. Now that's incredible.

Remember, drinking eight cups of ice cold water a day will burn a decent amount of calories too. You do not have to drink a whole gallon but if you want the extra boost, you can work up to that amount.

The ice water trick is just one of many sneaky diet tricks I use in The Trifecta Diet.

Now go and get yourself a cup of ice cold water! To lose weight you have to take action now!

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Emma Morris on September 13, 2011 said:
This is a great diet trick!! it involves no effort at all but can help you to burn more calories, even if you do it whilst laying in bed. Incredible!

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